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Looking for Kevin Tupper?

Where to find me

Facebook – if your interested in connecting on a personal and social level.

LinkedIn – if you’re interested in connecting on a professional level.  Here is where I share about my work with Microsoft.  If I can help you in anyway, let me know.

Twitter – I rarely tweet, although I do read those I follow.  My public posts from LinkedIn and Facebook are tweeted through this account.

Godminders – a messaging service So You Always Remember.  I expect to launch it in the late fall of 2018.

Christian Simplicity – currently on hiatus while I work on Godminders.  After Godminders is launched I plan to continue posting and curating ideas about God, mindfulness Jesus-style, money, and trust.

Azure Data Geek – where I maintain a personal wiki about Data, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things to help with my work for Microsoft.

Contact me – send me a note.