About Kevin Tupper

Hello.  Welcome to my personal website.  I appreciate your wanting to know about me, especially since I am not an A-List blogger and have no desire to be one.

So who am I?  I guess the best way to describe myself is that I’m a paradox.

I am of Jewish descent, yet I’m a passionate follower of Jesus.  I try to live mindfully and enjoy ancient spiritual practices while working and fully participating in a technology-filled world. I am neither institutional nor Catholic, but I have a strong affinity for Ignatian Spirituality.  I am frequently moved emotionally, but I am relatively intelligent, think deeply about things, and give way to sound logic and reason.  I believe in limited government and decentralized power, but I support many progressive ideas.

The paradox is seen in the diversity of my close relationships as well.  I suppose that’s because deep down I believe that our common humanity is far greater than any differences we have in areas of ethnicity, religion, race, sexuality, or philosophy.

Since this is my personal blog, most of the posts on here are personal in nature.  Some deeply so.  I value authenticity and vulnerability very highly.  There is no particular schedule for how frequently I post. The best way to know when a post comes out is to subscribe to the blog.  You can do so by entering your email address in the form on the right side of the home page.   (Yes, I hate spam and marketing abuses as much as you do.  You won’t get any from me.)

If you’re interested in my posts about technology and my work as Data and AI Technology Specialist with Microsoft Technology, visit Azure Data Geek.

If you’d like to send me a message or see where else I am online, visit the connect page.  Thanks for stopping by.


Not sure if  you have the right Kevin Tupper

Here are some tags to disambiguate me from the others.

Locations:  Poughkeepsie (1970-1985), Fairfax (1988), Centreville (1989-1999), Bolingbrook (1999-2000), Boston (2000), Peterborough (2000-2001), Haymarket / Gainesville (2001+)

1970s: Ridgefield Apartments,  Violet Avenue Elementary School, Arlington Middle School, Pougkeepsie Journal Paperboy, Poughkeepsie Soccer Club, East Fishkill Soccer Club.

1980s: Collegeview Apartments, Pougkeepsie Journal Paperboy, Arlington High School, Pougkeepsie Soccer Club, Vassar College, Hilary, IBM, Magnavox, Amway, Shenandoah Crossing Apartments

1990s: Technology Consultant, EZLinks Golf, Bethlehem Baptist, Truro, CtR, New Song, Amway, Suicide Prevention

2000s: Team World Vision / Chicago Marathon, AIC Communications / ccAdvertising / FreeEats.com, Gainesville District Little League, Fauquier Community Theatre, Centreville Baptist

2010s: Living Hope, Renovare Institute, Christian Simplicity, Godminders, Children with Disabilities Fund International, Fauquier Community Theatre,  Tough Mudder, Hope Water Project / Disney Half Marathon, EF Tour Spain / France / Italy, Israel Tour,  God Journey Podcast, AIC Communications / ccAdvertising / FreeEats, Dimension Data, Microsoft