Joy through Gratitude

What is Joy?

Joy is a pervasive sense of well-being.  It’s a fruit of the Spirit, yet it is something we can cultivate.  Indeed, we must cultivate it if it we want to know its reality in our lives because God works in us what we work in God.

Joy says, “it is well.”  It says it regardless of present circumstances.  It says it from a deep place in the soul.

How can we grow joy in our lives?  Through gratitude.  Expressing thankfulness and meditating on all that is, all that we are grateful for, all the goodness and beauty and love that surround us — this births within us a deep sense of well-being.  “It is well.”

A Gratitude Journal

A casual search of the Internet on this topic will find dozens of articles on the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal.  There are all kinds of practical suggestions on how to go about it.  I have always had the intention of keeping one but never executed on it until now, at least for a season.

This page serves as the index to my journal.  Here is how I go about it.

Each Sunday I jot down three “things” I am grateful for.

  1. Something universal — it may be an attribute of God or something available to everyone in nature.
  2. Something personal — it could be a person in my life or a situation that is unique to me.
  3. Something trivial or common — these are things I often take for granted.

Once I have my list, I will spend some a little free time each day thinking about the three things.  I’ll write down or record thoughts throughout the week.  The following Saturday I encapsulate the thoughts and, perhaps, write a post about them to my blog.

I suspect that there will be some things on the list that I am not entirely thankful for when I initially jot them down.  However my desire is to become thankful for them as I think about them throughout the week.

Gratitude Journal Index

  • Entries to be posted soon.